Miguel PĂ©rez was born in San Jose CA. He is the son of a telephone man and a housewife. Growing up he was a lonely kid who was teased by his school chums for being fat. Consequently he got involved in sports and pursued football and wrestling in junior high and high school until a spinal infection put him in a body cast and on the sidelines. He joined the drama club in his sophomore year and began his interest in Theatre. Miguel dropped out of college and joined the Marines in 1975. Honorably discharged in 1979 Miguel moved to New York City to begin a career in the Theatre. The National Shakespeare Company was his training ground, followed by stints in many regional theaters as well as Off-Broadway. He now works in Film and Television as well while making a home with his son in Southern California.

Miguel with Johnny Depp in BLOW

Miguel on ER with Anthony Edwards

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