Two Planks and a Passion

When I was a young actor sitting with the veterans, clutching my drink and listening to their stories I kept hearing a phrase get tossed around, “two planks and a passion”. That little phrase spoke to the fundamentals… Read More

Mind Your Own Part

“Mind your own part!” was something we heard over and over again as young actors at the National Shakespeare Conservatory, in NYC. Our master teacher was a big believer in the actor as a self sufficient artist operating… Read More

First Read Through of Antigone

Tonight is the first read through of Antigone. I’m excited, engaged and full of anticipation. The first read through of a new Theatre Project is a tradition, a necessity, a revelation, a ritual and a harbinger. It is… Read More

Starting Over

A life in show business is just that, “A Life”, with all the ups and downs involved. Things are on the way back up for me just at the moment. This reading of Cyrano is a wonderful way… Read More