Another Day of Lockdown

Mark Rylance and Miguel Perez in HAMLET at The A.R.T

It’s starting to lift. It’s starting to change. And yet we do not know what will happen when we venture back into the world. I know one thing for sure. It’s going to be a while before we can expect to attract audiences to live theatre.

Strange it is and very disturbing that the one art form that was always there for me to return to is now unavailable. All my career I’ve done Film and TV for money and Theatre for love. Theatre jobs were always there for me when film and tv were scarce. Now everything is scarce.

Some very clever person pointed out that “Art is Art” and that and artist will use whatever medium they can to express themselves. I’m writing. I’m making photographs. I’m making videos. Now the trick is to make a buck.

Moments like this are when artists shine. We will shine again. Stay safe. Stay Healthy.