An Acting Life

Living an actor’s life again and It’s familiar and strange all at once. Thursday night rehearsal in a makeshift Yoga Miguel with Mark Rylance in Hamlet at the behind a Silverlake residence. Going to emotional places that had never been explored in this version of ANTIGONE . (Be warned LA theatre goers. This Antigone will not be for the faint of heart) After  rehearsal it was whiskey and shop talk at a local bar. I even managed to spend a few minutes flirting with a young, curly haired, woman from Chicago. Home by 1:30AM and falling asleep with my script in my hand was the most natural thing in the world. Up in the morning, to study lines, meditate, write in my journal, talk with my sister and look at the sides for my afternoon audition.

I got to stage 5 at Warners and felt  calm, centered and prepared. This is my first audition since coming back to acting full time. No rushing from the office, wondering if my boss will be upset, no half-baked preparation, no split concentration. I was just an actor who had prepared and gave a good reading. The casting director Scott, has been good and respected colleague for 20 years. The other guys reading for the role of Father Diaz were long time pros whom I had greeted and countless auditions over the years. We embraced each other, teased and joked and wished one another well. I was home again.

Back home for some grocery shopping, postcard mailing and more time with the script. My mind is back in Thebes, dealing with a headstrong princess who is born to die. My phone announces that an email has arrived and ignore it until I’ve finished the beat I’m working on. I pick up my phone. The email is from my new agent. I’m pinned for the role of Father Diaz. Not a booking yet. But a great start to my career renaissance.

Off to rehearsal now. So much to do.

You can get tickets for Antigone here. Don’t wait! We expect to sell out.