Vital Signs are strong….

Man oh man I guess I’m living right. Last year I did a really sweet little job working on a music video with a major music star. This project was so “hush-hush” that I had to sign an NDA and refrain from talking about it. It was fun and the major music star turned out to be a very friendly and engaging guy. Couple weeks ago I got a call from a production company about a project that I knew nothing about but they seemed to know me and the person on the other end of the line was saying things like “…we want you to come back” . I referred them to my agent and manager and carried on with life. Now an offer has come through and next week I’ll do a couple of episodes of the first streaming series to be produced by Apple Inc. It’s called “Vital Signs” and it is a series that is growing out of that secret music video I did last year. Not only do I get a couple of episodes to further develop my character from the video, but I even get to do a couple of scenes with that big music star I mentioned. I have to say I am one blessed guy.