An Acting Life

Living an actor’s life again and It’s familiar and strange all at once. Thursday night rehearsal in a makeshift Yoga studio behind a Silverlake residence. Going to emotional places that had never been explored in this version of… Read More

Antigone Rehearsal

Rehearsal. Working in the Theatre is about rehearsal, and study and more rehearsal. Eventually there comes an opening night and a run of performances. For me, each performance has been a rehearsal of sorts. Each performance is different… Read More

Theatre in the Internet Age

Working on this production of Antigone has already been challenging and satisfying and the company has yet to all gather in the same room at the same time. Despite that we have all communicate virtually via FaceBook and… Read More

An Artists Daily Practice

Since returning to the practice of acting full time, I’m finding that information I’ve picked up on my journey is all starting to come together in new ways, and that I’m a more disciplined and serious actor than… Read More

Memorizing Lines for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

I truly cannot remember the last time I devoted so much time to memorizing lines and doing it without distraction and interruption. The plan for Antigone is to be off book for the first rehearsal. I was doubtful… Read More

Antigone X2

What a week. I’ve been invited to play Creon in Antigone at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. I’ll get to play with that wonderful young actress Brittany McGregor. On top of that, had an audition today for a production… Read More

A Reading of Cyrano de Bergerac

On May 8th, I will be reading the title role in what promises to be a dynamite staged reading of Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.This is a heart-rending story full of Blood, Love, Rhetoric and Swordfighting. Back… Read More