Preview # 10: Adjustments

Preview # 10: Adjustments — After every preview performance the director will give notes to the players and the department heads intended to hone and polish the show. In general notes are a “no news is good news”… Read More

Preview #9: Rituals

Preview #9: Rituals— The secret to consistency when performing on stage is to settle into a pattern of behavior that encompasses the hours spent in the theatre putting on the show.  Simply stated, an actor must create a… Read More

Preview #8 – In the Groove

Preview #8 – In the Groove — Last night during preview #8 I suddenly realized that we are in the groove. Different folks describe it differently, some actors will say that they have “taken full ownership” of the… Read More

Previews #6 and #7

Previews #6 and #7— Preview #6 was just as wet and wild as we thought it might be. It had been raining of and on all day and the stage crew had been squeegeeing like made to get… Read More

Preview #5 – Rain, Rain, Rain —

Preview #5 – Rain, Rain, Rain — It rains in New York in the summertime, heavily and often. There is no rhyme or reason, no warning, nothing to do about it but prepare to get wet… even on… Read More

Preview #4

Preview #4 — We are starting to find our groove. We are beginning to carve out a path. There comes a time in the process of theatrical storytelling when a company will find an assured path from beginning… Read More

3rd Preview

3rd Preview — Got a morning text from our Company Manager. She wants me to see Taaj right away instead of waiting for Friday. I agree and the appointment is made for 6:05 in the evening. It’s raining… Read More

Second Preview

Second Preview — It is an article of faith among Theatre folk that the second night of a show is always a little off. I’m not sure if that is true. What I can say for certain is… Read More

First Public Performance

First Public Performance — For the 1800 people sitting in the house last night a performance in the Delacorte begins with an announcement by Public Theatre Artistic Director Oskar Eustis. His remarks include thanks to our sponsors, a… Read More

Final Dress Rehearsal

Final Dress Rehearsal— One thing we all understand is the term “Dress Rehearsal”. It’s a Theatre term that had become a part of our everyday vocabulary. We all know what it means, or what it seems to mean,… Read More