My Model for Manhood

My Model for Manhood — His name was Cruz Garcia Perez. He was tall and dark and beautiful and fearsome and funny and powerful and insecure. He had been a cowboy, a miner, a boxer, a longshoreman, a… Read More

The Food of Love

The Food of Love — Shakespeare plays almost always have songs in them. Even Hamlet features a little ditty that the gravedigger serenades the dead with as he goes about his grisly work. In Othello there is a… Read More

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts — To the untrained eye, good direction and skilled acting appears effortless. So much so that the story and characters come to the fore and command the attention of the audience. But to tell a… Read More

A Full And Proper Kit

A Full And Proper Kit — We have finally rounded out our company. A group of non equity acting students, and graduates have arrived to do the important work of peopling the stage. In Shakespeare this is crucial… Read More

Pedaling About

Pedaling About — I promised myself that I would keep active and in-shape for Othello. Some of that impulse comes from my personal phobia of ever being “the problem”. It’s interesting to note that for me the actor’s… Read More


Destiny — When I was 13 years old I started reading the works of Shakespeare. The stories of Kings and Fools and Faeries and madmen and knights and thieves and banished dukes and motherless daughters captured me, enthralled… Read More

On Our Feet

On Our Feet — The intellectual work is over and now we are tackling the physical problem of the Delacorte stage. The Delacorte is a difficult theatre, and a wonderful, wonderful venue. It is enormous, with seating for… Read More


Synthesis — Day three of our table work and we have closed the circle on the Hegelian “thesis, antithesis, synthesis”. At the close of 18 hours of reading, discussing exploring  and challenging the original cut we found ourselves… Read More

The Challenge

The Challenge — Day 2 of table work and things are getting juicy. I mentioned yesterday that the cut of the Othello text was lean and forward leaning. Well, such an editing job does not come without costs… Read More

The Text

The Text — Today was our first day around the table diving into the text of Othello. Oh and there is no bottom to this story. Othello is as deep and rich as the Mediterranean sea. We spent… Read More