Arrived in NYC. Rehearsal starting soon.

I’ve arrived in NYC and am now set up in my temporary digs. How I got this fantastic sublet in Harlem is a story in itself. Suffice it to say I’m blessed. Harlem is a beautiful old neighborhood… Read More

“Half Hour Ladies and Gentlemen, Half Hour…”

In a couple of days I board a flight for NY and will land in the past and the future at once. There are so many old friends and colleagues in New York whom I will see and… Read More

Hector of Troy: Superstar!

I’ve been really digging deep into Troilus and Cressida. One thing that I can’t get around is how abruptly the play ends. The narrative might have gone on a little bit longer, just to wrap up the T&C… Read More

Digging in to the Heart of the Story

I love being a student. I love knowing that I have so much more to learn. My education is a cup yet to be filled and my thirst for more knowledge is not soon to be quenched. As… Read More

Ramping Up For the Trojan War

Every actor has a way of working and mine involves reading the play many times over in order to “purify” it in my mind. Working on a classic, especially a Shakespeare, requires that I do even more “purification”…. Read More


Went out  to see Hamlet at the Archway Studio Theatre the other night. It was pay-what-you-will night and my colleague Laura Zenoni was playing Ophelia, so I hopped the Metro and got out to North Hollywood. Archway is one… Read More

Get Stronger!

In 1979, after getting out of the Marines I was doing Theatre in Orange County, attending college on the GI bill and working as a stage carpenter at Saddleback College. I knew I wanted to be an actor… Read More

Vital Signs are strong….

Man oh man I guess I’m living right. Last year I did a really sweet little job working on a music video with a major music star. This project was so “hush-hush” that I had to sign an… Read More

GUN – More Than Just a Film

Gun. What an experience! Gun is a labor of love and passion brought into the world by a fellow names Sam Upton. Sam wrote the screenplay, and is directing and starring in this film about redemption and never… Read More

Two Planks and a Passion

When I was a young actor sitting with the veterans, clutching my drink and listening to their stories I kept hearing a phrase get tossed around, “two planks and a passion”. That little phrase spoke to the fundamentals… Read More