So it begins….

So it begins…. Getting to sleep last night involved a hefty dose of melatonin, mindful breathing, a very relaxed Savasana, sound cancelling headphones, the RainRain IOS app, and counting sheep. It was worth it though, as I felt… Read More


Othello…again!— Tomorrow is the first rehearsal day for Othello. I’m totally stoked and somewhat nostalgic. This is not my first Othello. In 1982 I was hired to play Lodovico in a production of Othello mounted by the Camden… Read More

37 Years Later

37 Years Later Got to town today 37 years after my first arrival in New York City. Today I arrived on a flight paid for by my employer, and was met by a very polite, liveried, driver who… Read More

Another Turn on the Delacorte Stage

Another Turn on the Delacorte Stage 1:30 AM. I’m a couple of hours away from heading to the airport, and catching a New York bound flight. As usual I can’t sleep before a travel day so I’m writing…. Read More


As ever, an Acting professional, be it for for film, TV or Theatre, must have a strong, natural and accessible headshot.  Check out this site:

Working Hard in Toronto

Toronto is not an edgy city. It’s a place of balance and equity, harmony and symmetry. It sits on the edge of Lake Ontario and smiles and it’s not an edgy city. It’s a good town for food,… Read More

One more look at The Butcher

Fear The Walking Dead is such a cool show. I got to do terrible things to Zombies and got paid for it too. Here is one more scene from this great AMC show. Fear the Walking Dead 2

The Butcher

From time to time you get a gig where you can really rely on imagination and just go wild. I’ve had such an opportunity lately. It was a lot of fun and such a joy to be working… Read More

Table Work: The Foundation of Clarity

For the last 6 rehearsals the Troilus and Cressida company has been focused on table work and physical conditioning. This period has been a dream come true for a long time journeyman like myself who, even now, has… Read More

Some Omens Are Good

Not many people know this about me, but for many, many years now I have coped with tinnitus, a constant ringing in my ears. It is part of the reason that when conversing with friends I am constantly… Read More